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Harlen D. Wheatley Clix Vodka 750ml
Sku: 1788621*
Buffalo Trace Distillery has a long and storied history as a bourbon distiller. This truly special place enjoys a legacy that spans all the way back to 1773. Some years ago, our master dist ...more
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Country: United States
Region: Kentucky
Type: Vodkas - Domestic
Reg. $320.29
On Sale $256.19
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Internet Exclusive
While odorless, colorless and tasteless by definition, consumers have debated the unique characteristics of their particular vodka brand for many years. In creating HDW CLIX, we strove to capture the essence of perfect vodka - smooth; subtle; soft; elegant; structured; clean on the nose and palate. Extensive organoleptic testing and sophisticated chromatography confirm the results – we achieved the perfect vodka.

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Buffalo Trace Distillery has a long and storied history as a bourbon distiller. This truly special place enjoys a legacy that spans all the way back to 1773. Some years ago, our master distiller decided to embark on a project to craft the perfect vodka, one that would create an unparalleled and memorable vodka drinking experience. As one could imagine, this pursuit turned out to be quite an undertaking. Ten years after that initial decision, and through the commitment and meticulous craftsmanship of a dedicated team, HDW CLIX is now ready for its debut and your enjoyment. We trust you will share our view that HDW CLIX is the finest vodka ever distilled.
Wine maker notes
HDW CLIX is named for two vital components of the project. ”HDW” represents Harlen Davis Wheatley, Master Distiller at Buffalo Trace Distillery. Harlen led a small team of specialists throughout the decade-long process of producing HDW CLIX – from seven years of design, planning and installation of a specially-constructed series of copper and stainless steel stills, cookers and fermenters, to the final distillation which resulted in only 2,000 bottles of this unique craft vodka. ”CLIX” or ”159” in Roman numerals, represents the 159 separate distillations that were required to produce HDW CLIX. Producing high quality spirits is a passion for our distillery, so when our team set out to craft the world’s finest vodka, we knew we couldn’t stop until we created something truly special. We began with hand selecting only the highest quality grains of rye, wheat, corn and barley and then distilled them to produce precise characteristics desirable in vodka. It was a diligent process that resulted in 159 separate distillations. We are proud of what we achieved and we are excited to share this unique vodka experience, with a fortunate few, that is unlike any other. — Quote from Harlen Wheatley, Master Distiller

Other text
We would like for your purchase of HDW CLIX to be memorable from the first drop to the last and also for the attention to detail in the packaging. HDW CLIX is contained within a custom, hand-formed decanter from Nouvel Studio, a company dedicated to the artistic production of glass. We have taken great care not to brand or otherwise permanently mark the decanter so that you may enjoy its beauty for years to come. The spotlessness of the decanter is achieved through an elaborate methodology developed over decades of glass production. This exclusive glass is often called ”lead free crystal” which superbly characterizes its excellent transparency. The decanter for HDW CLIX has been closed with a cork travel stopper to ensure the quality and integrity of the product is retained during its journey to you. Once the travel stopper is removed, the crystal stopper may take its place to complete the beauty of the decanter. Similarly, great pains have been taken to design and build the handcrafted, elegant burl wood case in a manner that is free of markings and that will allow you many years of enjoyment.

Buffalo Trace Hundreds of years ago, the mighty buffalo thundered across the land and carved paths known as traces. One such trace, the Great Buffalo Trace, led to the rugged banks of what is now known as the Kentucky River. Early adventurers followed the buffalo, and discovered some of Kentucky’s treasures, rich fertile land excellent for growing grain and abundant limestone waters. Distillation soon followed and in 1787 a working distillery started on the grounds, located in Frankfort, Ky. The first modern distillery was built on the site in 1857 and incorporated the use of steam power, a major advance in producing high quality bourbon. The distillery was later purchased by E.H. Taylor, Jr. one of Kentucky’s original Bourbon aristocrats. Astute and innovative, Taylor brought advancements to the facility as well as to the entire whiskey industry. By 1886, the distillery had introduced the nation’s first climate-controlled warehousing for aging whiskey and had earned a worldwide reputation for producing America’s finest bourbons. During Prohibition, the distillery existence was spared by the allowance of a permit - one of only a few issued in the country to continue distillation for medicinal purposes, therefore making it the oldest continuously operating bourbon distillery in the United States. The Distillery Today In 1992 the Sazerac company purchased the distillery and renamed it Buffalo Trace Distillery, paying homage to the mighty buffalo that once roamed the area. The Distillery has won numerous awards both for the fine bourbons it produces as well as the distillery itself. In 2010, Whisky Magazine named Buffalo Trace Distillery “Whisky Visitor Attraction of the Year.”

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