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Masi Osar Veronese 750ml
Sku: 1078926*
This new wine from Masi is the result of research which has been conducted on indigenous Veronese grape varieties by the Masi Technical Group since the end of the 1970s. Along with the prin ...more
Product Rating
Product Information
Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Sub-Region: Veronese
Grape Varietal: Italian Red Blend
Type: Still wine
Classification: IGT
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This new wine from Masi is the result of research which has been conducted on indigenous Veronese grape varieties by the Masi Technical Group since the end of the 1970s. Along with the principal grape varieties (Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara) some of the secondary local varieties were carefully studied, and amongst these the Oseleta variety gave extremely positive results. This grape, with its remarkable colour, concentration and tannin levels, gives the wine notably body, yet without any overwhelming varietal flavour. For this reason it was considered an excellent component for an innovative style of wine from the Veronese hills , Toar, which, along with the typical characteristics of the wines of Valpolicella, would also demonstrate great structure and complexity. This grape has essentially been "rediscovered” by Masi, as its use had been abandoned, mainly due to its extremely low yields. We replanted Oseleta in specially selected vineyards, and since 1990 we have been using a small proportion of the grapes for Toar. Since then, in view of the highly encouraging results thus far achieved, Masi has included Oseleta whenever carrying out replanting in Valpolicella of its vineyards. From 1995, when the Oseletta vines - 9 years old - had really begun to express their full potential, we decided to present their wine as a varietal or, better yet, with just a little Corvina (around 20%). This would give wine lovers the opportunity to taste this rare variety and to discover its potential in a wine made more elegant by the velvety charms of Corvina.
Wine maker notes
We take advantage of one of the characteristic qualities of the Oseleta grape - its noteworthy capacity to be left on the vine even after the normal time of harvest - in order to carry out a late harvest which gives the wine greater concentration, roundess and a higher level of alcohol. The grapes are vinified separately, the Corvina having also been allowed to overripen for a brief period in wooden crates after the harvest. The destalked grapes are fermented at controlled temperatures, using selected yeasts. After the malolactic fermentation the wine is aged in high toast, new Allier oak barrels. Then follow 6 months in the bottle.

Other text
The name Osar can be interpreted in three different ways, its root is the same as that of Oseleta, it also refers, in the local Valpolicella dialect, to a cry, particularly of joy (thus describing the reaction of our technical panel when they tasted Oseleta from the barrel for the first time!). In Italian it means "to dare”. Indeed, this wine aims to offer a challenge to the production of wines from fresh grapes in Verona, a region always known primarily for the delicacy and elegance of its products than for their importance. Although we have no experience on which to base our prediction, our technical analysis of the wine leads us to believe that it has medium to long ageing potential (15 - 20 years)

Food pairing
A wine of great structure and complexity, suitable for drinking with red meats, game and mature cheeses.

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