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Wisdom & Warter Cream Sherry Delicate 750ml
Sku: 1014023*
Vineyards: La Bodogonera vineyard in the heart of the Jerez superior area in the Los Tercios district. The soil consists of white albariza, rich in chalk, with optimum 70 days of rain and 2 ...more
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21% discount on 12 bottles for $131.88 Buy a case of Wisdom & Warter Cream Sherry Delicate

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Color: Dark-gold. Bouquet: Exquisite, with a hintof walnuts. Taste: Sweet, with a full body.

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Vineyards: La Bodogonera vineyard in the heart of the Jerez superior area in the Los Tercios district. The soil consists of white albariza, rich in chalk, with optimum 70 days of rain and 295 days of sunshine. Winemaking: Blended in a Solera established in 1902. Younger wines are added to the Solera to replenish older vintages, thereby producing a sherry of consistent quality and style.
Food pairing
Any time is right for this Wisdom & Warter Delicate Cream Sherry. Serve it as an aperitif, with dessert, even on the rocks as a refreshing treat.

Since 1855, Wisdom & Warter has been producing excellent Spanish sherry from grapes grown in the exceptional soil of Jerez de la Frontera. The Extra Amontillado is a medium dry sherry that is soft-amber in color and reminiscent of hazelnut. W&W’s Delicate Cream Sherry is sweet with a hint of walnuts and can be served as an aperitif or with dessert. With its pale-straw color and dry, crisp taste, Pale Fino Sherry is the ideal aperitif to serve with seafood hors d’oeuvres. The firm of WISDOM was started indirectly when the s.s. “Arctic” sank in the Atlantic in 1854. A wine merchant from Jerez was drowned and his younger brother inherited vast stocks of Sherry of the already old YSASI firm. Henry Wisdom went into partnership with Joseph Warter, a Londoner working in a wine firm in Jerez, and they started to sell the rare wines, some of which had been laid down in the previous century. Due to the Napoleonic Invasion of Spain, only two British companies of the eighty-two Sherry firms in Jerez remained. WISDOM & WARTER made a third, and are proud that today, they are the only one firm still trading independently under the same name as in 1854. Due especially to king George and other factors, Sherry rapidly regained its traditional first place in England. In 1860 WISDOM and WARTER ranked tenth in the shipping list only 6 years after the House was founded. Many of these buffs contained Fino, which was unknown in England and hardly known in Spain. The risk paid off less than twenty years after Fino was first shipped. Mr. Henry Vizetelly, in his classic book “Facts about Sherry”, wrote, “while shipping all varieties of Sherry, the Wisdom and Warter House is chiefly renowned for its admirable Finos and Amontillados”. WISDOM & WARTER became a household name in England. Mr. Wisdom ran the business in England whilst Mr. Warter managed the business in Spain: Punch magazine took this up and stated “Warter makes the wine and Wisdom sells it”. A little unfair, as Mr. Warter had remarkable business foresight. He pioneered Holland’s requirements for Sherry and that market is Sherry’s largest today. Until today Wisdom & Warter offers finest Sherries only, in every style, providing satisfaction of individual preference across a range from the lightest bone-dry Fino to pale and to rich and full-bodied Creams. On the Company’s Coat-of-Arms, as well as the Wisdom & Warter labels, appears the Eagle Owl. The history of the WISDOM’S OWL goes back to the turn of the century, when Millicent Warter Gandell found such a fledging and raised it in her father’s estate adjoining the Pizarro Bodegas. The owl, singer of sagacity, was a natural choice for the firm of Wisdom and became the basis for the now famous symbol.

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