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Kono Sauvignon Blanc 750ML
Sku: 10064383
Product Rating
Product Information
Country: New Zealand
Region: Marlborough
Type: Still wine
Reg. $12.99
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Wine maker notes
Our Kono Sauvignon Blanc showcases great aromatics of citrus, gooseberries and passionfruit within a typically powerful and flavor filled palate. Packed with juicy, ripe fruits, this wine has focus and purity with fresh natural acidity and a long, crisp, dry finish.

Founded in 1689, Hinomaru Jozo has been producing sake for the people of Akita for more than 320 years. Its rich history and loyal fan base have allowed the brewery to specialize in premium production, so much so that it has stopped producing Futsuu-shu all together. For the sakes in the Manabito line, this dedication to excellence means the sakes are bottle-aged for an extra year before being released. This unique practice, more similar in concept to wine production, is a source of great pride for the brewery. According to owner Jouji Sato, the bottle aging prevents oxidation and flavor loss, and preserves our exceptional quality. The brewery’s meticulous attention to detail in sake making extends to their rice as well. All of the sake rice used in the Manabito sakes is specially commissioned by the brewery. Amazingly, many of the farmers who spend the warmer months growing rice then spend their winters as brewery workers, turning that rice into sake. The name Manabito is taken from a local mountain that overlooks the fields where the sake rice is grown, emphasizing the importance of that essential ingredient to the brewery. With sakes that are both traditional and refined, it is no surprise that Hinomaru Jozo has been able to survive for such a long time. In fact, the brewery was founded so long ago that it is the only brewery in the country allowed to use the Hinomaru name, which is also the name of Japan’s national flag. After such a long history, Hinomaru Jozo is proud to finally introduce Americans to the essence of Akita found in every bottle of Manabito sake.

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